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Apr 19, 2018    0
Whether you crossed the automation chasm early, or are just starting your journey into digital service delivery, you’re not alone if you’ve got questions surrounding technical ecosystem...
Reduce risk and opt for a decentralized system of sourcing
Apr 18, 2018    0
When the Internet arrived, we said, “The world is no longer flat! This changes everything!” Then we went back to building centralized systems – something we still do today. Examples...
Businesses today are focused on implementing digital technologies to aid in governance
Apr 12, 2018    0
Let’s face it – many people believe governance is boring. It’s all about compliance, following arcane rules and paying attention to details. There is nothing transformational,...
Switching to outsourced strategic procurement and the steps to take
Apr 12, 2018    0
Making the switch to outsourced strategic procurement is not as simple as handing tasks and responsibilities to a third party. It requires wholesale change that starts from within. Someone in...
Creating Managed Service Requirements and building the right outsourced structure for your organization.
Mar 21, 2018    0
When a function or even a full department is outsourced to a managed service provider (MSP), the scope of work, requirements and service needs can at times be hard to nail down, especially as the...
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